Note From Brent

This isn't going to necessarily always be an easy process, but it will be worth it. 

And there's about 1000 different quotes I could say from 1000 different people who will back me up when I say that.

Bobby Dee and I have crafted together thoughtful programs that will safely grow your physical and mental strength for each of these movements and ensure that your body and mind are understanding each building block. These programs are designed to make sure you succeed. Train Your Weakness programming is a 6 week course, 3/week, 30 minute add-on to your regular programming. It's not a total overhaul of your programming, but a small bit of change so you can actually MANAGE the change.

Unlike regular fitness programming, Train Your Weakness is focused on one movement, and one movement only. I talk about this a lot on the Professor Project: deliberate actions, extreme ownership and full focus. Train Your Weakness is designed to focus on ONE weakness at a time, ensuring your success. 

So, let's get going!

... and remember, we all have weaknesses. Let's turn that weakness into your wheelhouse.