Easy to follow program that will help you improve your Butterfly pull ups

If you find yourself limited with the gymnastic coordination in the butterfly motion, this program is for you!

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Add-On Progression Programming

Train Your Weakness is an add-on program to your current fitness regime. Dedicate an extra 30 minutes, 3x a week, for 6 weeks to see results with your Butterfly pull ups. 

Coach's Notes Included

Each session will have your coach's insights about why you are doing the movement, recovery notes, and more - so you can be sure each step of the way.

Created By The Best

Every single Train Your Weakness program is forged out of many years of elite CrossFit® experience.

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Sample Programming - Week 1 / Session 1

Control 1: Technique (6min)

2 Sets:
-30 Second Dowel Lat Stretch Or Partner Thoracic/ Lat Stretch (optional)
-10 Scapular Circles (5 rotations forward, 5 backwards)
-10 Beat Swings (start small, increase intensity with each rep)
-10 Slow Butterfly Motion Pull-ups with Two Feet on Box

 Coach’s Note: This will be one of our standard warm ups for technique days. We are priming the shoulders and introducing the butterfly motion. Sub out the dowel stretch for the partner stretch if a partner is available. REMINDER to pay close attention to the video demos (click on 3 dots/tips), and movement cues!  

Video example:

Test (2min)

2 Minute AMRAP (As Many reps As Possible)

 Butterfly Pull Ups

 Coach’s Note: This is our initial test, so give it your best shot regardless of where you are in the butterfly journey! Set your 2 minute clock, put your gymnastic grips on. If you can’t get a successful rep with your chin over the bar this is okay, remember that this is only the initial test, so don’t get frustrated! Film this effort for comparison in 6 weeks!

Butterfly Technique 1 (10min)

Every 2 Minutes x 5
-5 Scoop + Hip Extensions (singles) + 10 Reverse bicycles from the hang (AGGRESSIVE “SCOOP”)

Coach’s Note: Reverse bicycles (no swinging on this one today) are going to engrain the motion needed with the legs/feet to complete butterflies. For the following 5 reps we want a similar scoop, followed by a full hip extension (squeeze glutes HARD). Drop down from the bar and reset between each rep. Rest remainder of 2 minutes.  

Butterfly Coordination 1 (5min)
EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) x 5

-10 Butterfly Pull ups With Single Foot on Box (5 on one foot, then switch)
Coach’s Note: With a SINGLE foot on a bench/box, we will be able to go through the full range of motion and at FULL SPEED. Allow the elbows to flair out to the side as you pull towards the bar. If you lose the rhythm, stop and reset.  

Mobility 1 (4min)

1 Minute/side Banded Lat Stretch
2 Minute Foam Roll of thoracic Spine

Coach’s Note: We want to make sure we are making time for mobility which is crucial to our success over the next 6 weeks!

Give yourself a high-five, Day 1 is complete!

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