Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a full body training program?
No. Train Your Weakness is designed to focus on developing and improving one movement at a time. 

Is this a one-time payment? How long do I have access for?
Yes - you pay $21 for each program. This is a one time payment and you will have access to the program for life! Payments are done on TrainHeroic and all billing questions can be handled at

How can I get feedback during the program?
Simply email us with your concern, a video or picture, and a coach will get back to you!

What if this programming isn't for me - can I get a refund?
Yes - we have a 30 day money back guarantee. Email us at and we will take care of you.

When should I be doing Train Your Weakness programming?

We recommend completing the TYW session immediately before or immediately after your normal 1 hour general training session.  Working on your weakness while you are the freshest will allow you to put the most possible energy into the area you want to see the best results in. Doing TYW programming after a normal training session might also work best with your unique schedule, and you will definitely still see positive results.

When should my rest days from Train Your Weakness programming be?
We recommend at least 1 full days rest between each session.

What are the "Coach's Notes"?
Coach's Notes will help you understand WHY you're doing each movement in the program. It will also help you with movement cues and proper form. Knowledge is power.

Can I do multiple TYW programs at once?
It’s not advisable that you do multiple programs that focus on the same muscle groups (example: HSPU & RMU - too much strain on shoulders!)
You can do multiple programs at once, as long as they don’t have the same muscle group focus.
We are excited you want to smash your weaknesses, but we also don’t want you getting hurt.

How much should I rest between TYW programs?
Give your body a week of rest before jumping into another TYW program that focuses on the same muscle groups!

I'm a Premium member with The Professor Project - do I get a discount?
Yes! Email us at to get your coupon code. Please provide us with the email address associated with your Premium account in this email.

I'm a first responder/military - do I get a discount?
Yes! Email us at to get your coupon code. Please provide ID.

I need to get in touch - how can I contact you?
Email us at